My rant is why are you wasting good, hard earned money on items you can buy at a fraction of the cost at your neighborhood DOLLAR store? I love the DOLLAR stores! If you've purchased greeting cards at the drug store lately, did you leave wanting to pop an anti-depressant after the bizarre amount of money they charge for a card?

Take my advice and write down a reminder to go to the DOLLAR store especially for great greeting cards for only 50 cents each. Just turn them over and see what their retail price was! Party supplies and helium filled balloons are $1 each. A dollar each! Cleaning supplies and kitchen utensils are a buck! You know those plastic storage containers? A green back! Reading glasses, facial tissues, tooth paste, plastic wrap, headbands and shaving cream, cotton swabs, aluminum foil and plastic forks, knives and spoons are all a buck, folks!!

And please, go by these stores to purchase your movie theater snacks and candies! Why waste good money on the same things that will cost you a lot more elsewhere? Hail DOLLAR stores, one and all. They truly are an American institution!