J.C. Penney may want to promote its newest offering while Barbra Streisand's "Secondhand Rose" plays in the background.

Its next venture will soon be selling a popular selection of pre-owned women's clothing and handbags from thredUP. This secondhand industry is so notorious; it earns $18 billion every year. The demand for low prices on quality brands has never been more popular. While there are more secondhand shoppers than ever before, it will be very interesting to see how this resonates with J.C. Penney customers.

That said, I have a major CC with J.C.: the company has completely snubbed us guys. Why would it exclude men's stuff?. This secondhand sale on accouterments is for women's fashions only. Us guys like saving 80 percent on garments and shoes, too!

These sought-after selections of women's clothing and handbags will start being sold at only 30 stores to begin. Then J.C. Penney will assess whether to grow their market. Women say there's an emotional thrill associated with finding one-of-a-kind secondhand product for much less. Now with thredUP in J.C. Penney stores, it's hoped that a new in-store experience will be created. Plus, it wants to attract eco-minded consumers who want more sustainable options in their wardrobe.

I don't have a problem with pre-loved clothing that someone before me paid full price for that I'm going to enjoy much less expensively. That's part of the thrill of thrift shopping.

As they say, it might be old to them, but it's new to you.

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