We're just two weeks away from The SouthCoast's Largest Yard Sale, and this morning we're discussing tips and tricks for sellers and buyers alike.

There is still room for you to get a space to sell your wares at our big event on August 2nd at Walsh Field in New Bedford, and it's so much easier than hanging signs all over town (and no weird people will be trampling all over your lawn and asking dumb questions like, "How much for the dog?")

Although most feature trinkets and treasures no longer wanted by the owners, yard sales are still big business. The Statistic Brain Research Center released a number of interesting stats regarding yard sales in 2013. There are an average of 165,000 yard sales each week in the U.S., with more than 690,000 people purchasing something each week. With the average cost per item being around 85 cents, that's a total weekly revenue of about $4.2 million each week.

What's your best yard sale deal of all time? Call in (508) 996-0500 or (877) 996-1420 and share with us now! Or, you can post them below in the comments section.

Garage Sale Statistics from The Statistic Brain Research Center
Average number of garage sales each week in the US 165,000
Average number of people who purchase something at a garage sale each week 690,000
Average number of garage sales listed on Craigslist each week 95,000
Average number of items sold at garage sales each week 4,967,500
Total US weekly revenue from garage sales $4,222,375
Best time to start a garage sale 7:00 am
Best day to hold a garage sale Saturday
Average profit margin when items purchased are resold on eBay 462 %
Average Cost Per Item
Clothing apparel $0.59
Accessories $0.70
Crafting items $0.45
Decorative items $0.83
Entertainment (DVD, CD, Books, Games) $0.47
Household goods, (dishes, office supplies) $0.57
Yard items (plants, trimmers, mower) $2.37
Overall average price of a garage sale item $0.85