So this past Saturday was the first edition of The Tim Weisberg Show, because apparently I did a good job fooling the higher-ups here at WBSM that what they really need is more of me on the radio each Saturday.

There was a lot more to do during the morning shift that there is during Spooky Southcoast, but thankfully I had my main man Matty Amaral there to help me out for the debut show. And special thanks go out to Jenn Vasta for her patience with me as I missed the mark for the news intro pretty much every time.

After I talked about my take on Jason Collins in hour one, we shifted gears and talked about Star Wars Day with Steve Perry during the 7 a.m. hour:

Steve Perry-Star Wars Day

Then we were joined in the 8 a.m. hour by Joe Arruda, who runs the Beards of New Bedford Facebook page:

Joe Arruda-Beards-Part 1

Joe Arruda-Beards-Part 2

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