Twinkle, twinkle little star, talented and beautiful is what you are!

Nine year-old Marley Dauphin walked into Studio A at 1420 WBSM and stole our hearts with her powerful voice, demeanor and talents.

Her mother won't get near a microphone, but Marley owns the airwaves with her passion and love for singing and acting. According to her official IMDb resume, in her first movie, The Equalizer 2, Marley worked with Denzel Washington as the daughter of Pedro Pasquel. Denzel has encouraged the Pulaski Elementary School fifth grader to keep striving toward her dream of starring in her own TV show. She envisions her show to be a mix of Glee and Punky Brewster, with the hope of motivating girls to be positive, down-to-earth and kind.

If you haven't heard this nine-year-old sing, you're in for a great surprise. And if you haven't seen Marley in Equalizer 2, you're in for a double surprise.

When I asked her to describe the toughest part of her job, playing across from a superstar legend, Marley grimaced about having to eat bowl after bowl after bowl of cereal, and not even her favorite kind, Cocoa Krispies.

Watch out world, the rocket ship Marley has launched. She is featured in over a dozen national TV commercials including Hasbro, Disney and Star Wars, and aiming for the stars and beyond.

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