The Big Apple Film Festival is one of the most important film festivals in New York City, and certainly an undeniably influential film festival on the world stage. That's why it's so exciting to report that a New Bedford actress and singer will be front and center at the festival later this month.

We first introduced you to Marley Dauphin four years ago when she was a 9-year-old Pulaski School student. We interviewed her on the morning show, where she revealed that she would act alongside Hollywood living legend Denzel Washington in his film The Equalizer 2. "We had our own secret handshake," Dauphin said of the A-lister.  "We really hit it off while the cameras weren't rolling.  He kept making me laugh, he was so funny."

The Normandin Middle School student spent some of last summer filming a short film called The Nickname.

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The movie is a true story, filmed and set in Quincy and Dorchester. Dauphin's character -- her first lead role -- is a little girl who is very close to her grandmother and who really wants a nickname.

Her grandmother explains to her that you can't try for a nickname, they just happen. Needless to say, something big happens in the movie that gives Marley's character her nickname.

Dauphin just received some terrific news about the movie. It is slated to be screened at the prestigious Big Apple Film Festival in two weeks.

"Thousands of films are submitted to these festivals, and we were lucky enough to be selected," Dauphin's manager Mike Caputo said.

Caputo tells us that he will take Dauphin out to Los Angeles this summer to firm up plans for a television show called "Marley's World."

The show would be set in New Bedford.

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