In a town, not too far, far away from the SouthCoast, is a family with the announcement of the year.

Over in Bristol, Rhode Island, Paul Raposo and his wife Olivia are expecting their first child.

Raposo, an avid "Star Wars" fan, decided to take advantage of the unofficial May the Fourth holiday to tell the world that his family is growing by one.

"We have been together for almost eight years now and have been married for three," Raposo said.

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Of course, Raposo did it in "Star Wars" fashion.

On Tuesday, May 3, Raposo hunkered down and created this "Mandalorian" spinoff of a masterpiece. Impressively, it only took a couple of hours to create.

"With today being May the Fourth and us being ready to announce, it ended up being perfect timing," Raposo said. "We had already told everyone close to us and originally we didn't want to do a social media post but decided to give it a shot.

"We initially were thinking, because it's an October baby, maybe do something Halloween-themed, but then I realized that May the Fourth is coming up this week, let me see what I can do."

Raposo, a Dartmouth native, has been a video editor since 2012. He currently works for Animus Studios in Riverside, Rhode Island.

"I started last October and I'm always making videos; it's pretty much my job," Raposo said. "I had no idea it was going to be this popular. I would have spent more time on it."

In the words of the Mandalorian, This Is the Way you make a baby announcement and I'm here for it.

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