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Throwback Thursday: The Karaoke Blackbelts [VIDEO]
You may have heard WBSM's Phil Paleologos and Tim Weisberg recalling the legendary performance of the Karaoke Blackbelts during the morning show this week. But unless you were there, you may have no idea what went down on this legendary night of rock and roll history.
How One Man Profited from Tropical Storm Hermine
When Tropical Storm Hermine (or rather, her remnants) began bearing down on the Southcoast on Labor Day morning, I was in the WBSM studio, filling in for Phil Paleologos. I was looking out the window, watching the wind swirling trash around the parking lot, when it passed through my field of vision-…
’41’ Signs Our Loved Ones Are Still Around Us
Radio legend Dave Kane returns to the WBSM airwaves on The Tim Weisberg Show to share the story of his son Nicky O'Neill, who perished in the Station Nightclub fire 12 years ago this past Friday.
Dave told Tim how, following Nicky's death, he still gave signs to his loved ones that he was …
Wareham Grad Attempting Unique Journey into NFL
On Saturday morning's show, I had the opportunity to interview Shea Allard, a 2007 Wareham High school graduate who went on to play college ball at Delaware and had a brief training camp stint with the Green Bay Packers.
Now, Shea is trying to get back into the league with a unique plan that inv…