Radio legend Dave Kane returns to the WBSM airwaves on The Tim Weisberg Show to share the story of his son Nicky O'Neill, who perished in the Station Nightclub fire 12 years ago this past Friday.

Dave told Tim how, following Nicky's death, he still gave signs to his loved ones that he was still around--including a mysterious call from his non-working cell phone. Nicky always felt a connection to the number "41," and it has played a prominent part in his family's life following the Station fire.

Tim even received his own sign from Nicky that he is listening in to the interview, and later Dave announces that he will be returning to WBSM for occasional fill-in work in the near future.

As a bonus, we're also including here a link to Dave's original appearance on Tim's Spooky Southcoast program back in 2007.

Click here to hear Dave Kane's appearance on February 21, 2015.

Click here to hear his original appearance on Spooky Southcoast back in 2007.