The unforgettable scent of freshly roasted peanuts filling the Christmas air around Purchase Street is a favorite memory Joe Jesus and I talked about on a one hour Christmas Eve special.

Mental black and white photographs of the mind capturing the elevator going floor to floor of the Star Store, the bargains at Wings Department Store, Cherry & Webb, Woolworth's and Salt Marsh.

Remember Fanny Farmer, Kennedy's, Poulos' Pharmacy, Piccadilly Lounge and tracking Santa on CONAD (predecessor of NORAD)? Joe backs in and out of the parking spots, with chains on his tires, in front of the iconic downtown New Bedford stores that were decorated to the hilt. Buses filled with passengers holding their bags of Christmas treasures.

These and so many other memories were part of the show heard on the radio and our WBSM app, and seen on our WBSM TV channel, worth tuning in to just to see what Joe was wearing!

Enjoy the show and the wonderful feelings that will come from the memories of Christmases past with Joe, Tim Weisberg and Phil.

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