A couple of years ago, Tim Weisberg – a nationally-renowned paranormal expert, radio host and author – and I were guests in Lily Dale, New York, a hamlet of spiritualists and freethinkers.

Among the private appointments with famous mediums, lectures, classes and workshops, a small sign at the entrance of the Marion H. Skidmore Library gently warns you that among the rare books and newspapers, spirits also knock about. Seeing that written omen back then sent a quiver through me. Just recently, something happened here at the WBSM studio that reminds me of that notice.

It was about 6:15 a.m. on Wednesday, September 9. During my first commercial break, I was gathering together my news and material, ready to go live, when I clearly saw a tall figure of a man through the window in the studio behind me (you can see the window behind me in the photo above). I thought it was Gazelle from Fun 107. He was wearing a long-sleeved, ironed, white dress shirt. The white shade, though, was oddly soft yet bright at the same time. He exited the studio, so I got up, opened my studio door and there wasn't a soul around.

All three members of the Michael and Maddie show on 107 show were talking away in their studio, and, along with News Director Mary Serreze, we were the only people in the entire building.

I really didn't have much time to process what I saw because I had to get back on the air. When my shift ended, I went over it in my mind, not saying a word to anyone, including my family.

The following day, during a commercial break, I pointed to the other studio and described to my co-host, Kasey Sylvia, exactly what I observed. To say she freaked out is an understatement. So we talked about it on the radio. Kasey reminded me that the studio lights are on motion sensors, but no light went on while the figure was in there.

Just then, our close friend and former News Director Taylor Cormier called in and added that he too has seen figures drifting around the larger main production studio, in the late evening hours.

Tim and his Spooky Southcoast co-host, psychic medium Stephanie Burke, have also seen a figure in that same studio that I did, among other ghostly activity they've encountered in our building. According to Tim, the two of them would be chatting in the main WBSM studio after their show had ended, and they would see a dark, shadowy figure move by the glass window in our studio door, as if walking down the hall into the small studio, and then suddenly the motion-sensor light in the small studio would pop on – with nobody inside, and no one else in the building.

As I said before, the motion-sensor light did not come on during my experience, but then Tim reminded me of something chilling: the motion sensor on that light has not been working for quite some time.

So yes, I had heard about paranormal activity at our station, but I never gave it a serious thought before now.

This much I am certain of: I know what I saw. It was as clear as if I'm looking at you. And I'm positive that I've never seen a white chroma like that one ever before. Although I don't have an explanation that would satisfy a doubter, I'm reminded of the vision of that cryptic sign at the library in Lily Dale, and wonder whether the radio station ought to consider posting a similar warning before you enter.

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