NEW BEDFORD (WBSM) – New Bedford Police are asking people to avoid a specific area in the city’s far North End as the roaming black bear has been spotted in that area.

Following bear sightings in recent days in Mansfield and Taunton, Assonet and Fall River, and then Dartmouth, a bear was seen Monday evening in New Bedford in the area of Mt. Pleasant Street and Lang Street.

Early Tuesday morning, social media reports had the bear roaming around the area of King’s Highway. There were also reports of it being in the area of the New Bedford Regional Airport, walking down the runway.

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By late Tuesday morning, it had apparently made its way even further north, in the area of Pa Raffa’s, Trucchi’s and Cumberland Farms at the intersection of Ashley Boulevard and Acushnet Avenue.

New Bedford Police posted to Facebook just after 10:30 a.m. Tuesday for people to avoid coming to that area.

“The location of the bear has become known and we are concerned about spectators making their way to the area. This can complicate and jeopardize our efforts to relocate this beautiful animal safely,” police wrote. ‘Therefore, we are asking that you please remain away from the area of Cumberland Farms near Pa Raffa’s at this time.”

Perhaps the bear is just looking for a delicious Pa Raffa’s linguica pizza, or perhaps wanted to grab some Silmo Syrup while shopping at Trucchi’s.

Lt. Scott Carola of the New Bedford Police Department told WBSM's Marcus Ferro the bear had made its way into Acushnet by 11 a.m.

As always, residents in the area should secure trash bins, protect beehives and chicken coops, take in bird feeders, and avoid leaving pets outside unattended. If you do encounter a bear, do not approach it; instead, make as much noise as you can while slowly backing away. Do not run.

If you do see the bear, please contact Massachusetts Environmental Police. New Bedford Police also said you can dial 911 if you have a bear sighting.

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