It was only a matter of time before the people of New Bedford would come face to face with the infamous black bear that's been patrolling about the SouthCoast.

This bear began its journey with the first sightings up in the Mansfield/Taunton area, was seen in Fall River, spotted in Dartmouth, and has officially entered the Whaling City of New Beige.

At least it'll find first-class seafood in this neck of the woods. The bear was seen around 7:30 PM on Monday, May 22nd.

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John Deburgo was the first to capture the black bear that was casually taking a stroll in his neighborhood off of Mount Pleasant Street by Lang Street. If you're familiar with the giant tank, that's exactly where the bear was filmed on Deburgo's phone.

Fair warning, the language behind the phone from Deburgo's commentary is not exactly family-friendly and NSFW, but it's quite entertaining. Last chance to lower your volume before pressing play.

It's strange to think of bears in New Bedford (nevermind Fall River), but it's not that uncommon as you might think.

As always, police are reminding residents to refrain from feeding or approaching the bear, and not to leave domestic pets unattended outside. It's best to let the bear carry on its migrational path and leave it be.

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