DARTMOUTH (WBSM) — As the black bears continue to work their way down onto the SouthCoast, one has now been spotted in the northern part of Dartmouth.

On Sunday, a black bear was seen in the northern part of Fall River, going right up onto the deck of a home. That sighting came a day after a bear was reported in Assonet.

Last week, we learned of bear sightings in Taunton and Mansfield.

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The Dartmouth bear was posted on Facebook by the Dartmouth Police Department, noting that bear was captured on video this morning on a home surveillance system in the area of Collins Corner Road.

Collins Corner Road is in the vicinity of the DNRT Ridge Hill Reserve and not that far from the Copicut Woods and Copicut Reservoir.

WBSM also received a photo from a Ring camera on Collins Corner Road of the bear walking right up onto someone's front porch.

Contributed Photo
Contributed Photo

In the still shared by police, it appears the bear has something in its mouth; police reminded residents to refrain from feeding or approaching the bear, and not to leave domestic pets unattended outside.

It is also recommended that you secure any outside trash bins, remove bird feeders, and make sure chicken coops and beehives are protected.

Dartmouth Police said that Massachusetts Environmental Police have been alerted that the bear is in town.

As WBSM’s Barry Richard wrote earlier this year, black bears are making their way to our area more frequently.

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