Earlier in the week, we told you about some of the bear sightings happening in the northern portion of Bristol County in Mansfield and Taunton.

It seems the black bears are now making their way south, with weekend sightings reported in Assonet and Fall River.

First, Freetown Animal Control reported on Facebook just after noon on Saturday that the department had “been made aware that the bear has made its way to Assonet.”

“Please stay away from it. Environmental police are aware,” Animal Control posted. “Enjoy nature at a distance.”

Perhaps the bear was just looking to confirm the proper way to pronounce "Assonet?"

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Whether or not it is the same bear that has been seen is up for debate; a Mansfield sighting in April reportedly involved a mother bear and two cubs, so it is possible multiple bears are in the area.

Then, Sunday morning, Fall River Police took to Facebook to confirm that a bear has been reported in the north end of the city.

“The Massachusetts Environmental Police are working to locate and relocate the bear as quickly and safely as possible,” police posted just before 8 a.m. “Please avoid the 5000 block of North Main Street if possible.”

It appeared from photos shared by police on Facebook that this bear had actually climbed up onto a resident’s deck.

“Residents in the area are asked not to leave any small pets unattended, and bring in any dog or cat food you may have outside,” police wrote. “Should you see the bear, do not attempt to approach it. Please contact the Massachusetts Environmental Police at 800-632-8075. In the event of an emergency, dial 911.”

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