LAKEVILLE (WBSM) — One Lakeville food truck and catering company is offering up something that is nacho average party snack.

Wingin’ It, which can be found in the parking lot of the Star Liquor Market at 78 Main Street in Lakeville, has unveiled its newest catering option: tabletop nachos.

It’s exactly what it sounds like, enough nachos and toppings to fill an entire tabletop, perfect for your football Sunday or other get-together.

Imagine how much easier the ups and downs of a New England Patriots game will be if you have a giant pile of nachos in front of you.

“The idea was seen on social media but felt like we could really kick it up a notch,” Wingin’ It owner Jim Morley said.

A small order – and we use the word “small” loosely here – features three pounds of chips, four pounds of queso, one pound each of shredded chicken, pulled pork and brisket, one pound of pico de gallo, one pound of guacamole, one pound of sour cream and one pound of pickled jalapenos.

Yes, that’s a grand total of 14 pounds of nachos and fixings, built to feed 15-20 people and running $230. If you want to double that up, a large order will feed 25-35 people for $420.

Morley said there have been “no orders to date but lots of curiosity.”

Morley is no stranger to creating buzz-worthy dishes; in February 2022, we featured the “Artery Clogger” sandwich offered at the location Wingin’ It had been running at the Eagles Club.

The tabletop nachos, however, don’t require you to come to them. They’ll bring them to you.

Wingin’ It will come in and line the surface of your table with heavy-duty aluminum foil and parchment paper for protection and for easy clean-up.

“We also leave takeout boxes for leftovers because there will most likely be some,” Morley said. “We can either set it up before or after your party.”

If you don’t have a good table for serving table nachos on, don’t worry – Wingin’ It can supply one for a small additional rental charge.

“(We) certainly don’t want anyone missing out on the fun over a table,” Morley said. “Counters work as well.”

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Eventually, the Wingin’ It food truck will close for the season – Morley said they’ll stay open as long as the temperature remains above 45 degrees regularly, so “at least several more weeks, it looks like” – but that the catering services, such as tabletop nachos, are available throughout the year.

Which means, unlike the Patriots, it looks like they’re headed for the postseason.

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