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Ten-thousand people are feared dead and entire towns are wiped out after Super Typhoon Haiyan swamped the Philippines. The U.N. says more than 600-thousand people have been displaced. The once-thriving port city of Tacloban has been reduced to waterlogged rubble.

Officials say so far, more than 900 people are confirmed dead in the Visayas region, which includes Tacloban. Nearly ten-million Filipinos have been impacted by the typhoon. That's about one-tenth of the population of the Southeast Asian island country. (Metro Networks Inc.)

The U.S. government is organizing emergency shipments of materials to provide shelter to hundreds of thousands of displaced Filipinos, in the aftermath of a typhoon that may have killed thousands.

 Secretary of State John Kerry says the shipments also include food and hygiene supplies for thousands of families.

 He says he's told the Philippines' foreign minister that the U.S. is full committed to helping that nation recover from one of the most powerful typhoons on record. (Associated Press)