“He really is the rare combination of an eight-year-old boy — I mean, he’s got the maturity of an eight-year-old boy with the insecurity of a teenage girl. It’s just who he is.” --John Forbes Kerry, Former Secretary of State in the Obama Administration, discussing President Trump on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher.

I know it's lost on the typical audience member and fans of the show, but "those who live in glass houses..." comes to mind.

Secretary Kerry is walking around with embarrassing reservoirs of Botox between his bones and skin all over his face. He is literally uncomfortable in his own skin! That, sir, is the proverbial example of an insecure person.

Also, Bill Maher's Real Time is a show whose production ensures the audience is predominantly liberal and eagerly waiting to agree with whatever progressive thought is uttered. When Maher has a guest like Kerry or a guest panel, the inventory is also liberal heavy, with maybe an occasional sacrificial lamb conservative who has an unusually unlikable and shill style of articulation.

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I would say one can't be very secure with one's self if they need to take as many measures as he does, insulating himself in an echo chamber, and ensuring that he won't be faced with a serious intellectual challenge while making bold political statements.

I also wonder what the reaction would be from the victim card-ready left, if Trump belittled all teenage girls with the presumption that they're all insecure. I personally know many teenage girls, and most of the ones I know are bustling with confidence, and secure in exactly who they are in life and where they are going with it. This is a #MeToo moment waiting to happen if anyone but a bona fide progressive like Secretary Kerry said it.

Should a guy who promenades around on a pink girly bike on Nantucket really be in the business of trying to emasculate and belittle the President of the United States?

The guy even has trouble throwing and catching a football.

In case you haven't noticed, I didn't agree with or disagree with his premise, but again...glass houses, stones...

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