The President of the United States was weakly laughed at when he listed some of the recent accomplishments of his country. President Trump has changed the way America deals with the world, and it is benefiting his fellow citizens.

The United Nations is a corrupt and unaccountable bureaucracy. It elevates dictatorships up to the same level as free countries.

To assess the meaning of the little chuckles of disrespect from the General Assembly of the United Nations, it is important to observe how that body feels about certain values that we in America traditionally hold dear. Human rights are an important value to the citizens of the United States.

The United Nations General Assembly votes on the members of the United Nations Human Rights Council. These laughing goons voted in favor of the following cesspools to join that council and oversee human rights in the world:








Saudi Arabia


Just a few months ago, the United States decided to resign its membership on the Human Rights Council in protest. The Bush Administration had refused to join the council because it was a sham; however, the Obama Administration reversed that policy and joined Cuba, China and Saudi Arabia, and gave the U.N. council legitimacy. The Trump Administration took away the signature of the United States on the measures advanced by this phony human rights group.

People who vote to put dictatorships and human rights abusers on a commission to advance and protect human rights are a joke. President Trump should be proud of the contempt shown by those rude little thugs.

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