F and R Auto in Westport made headlines after a video went viral in January that showed a pizza delivery person being bullied inside the store.

Now two representatives of that business are facing criminal charges for an unrelated incident.

Westport Police Detective Sergeant Antonio J Cestodio says the owner, 49-year-old Francis R. Correiro, and an employee, 47-year-old Mark Dambrosca, were charged with Threats to do bodily harm and Intimidation of a Witness.

Cestodio says the charges came after a woman reported to police that she purchased a car that failed to pass inspection.

The woman told police the two men verbally chastised her, used profanities, and threatened to punch her in the face if she showed up in person.

She also says they used a sexual comment to her.

Cestodio says the Attorney General's Office has confirmed that, since 2009, 38 complaints were made to them by F and R Auto customers.

Several dozen complaints have also been received by the Westport Board of Selectmen over the years and years ago the company faced a 30 day suspension for violations to their license.

Westport Detectives are asking that anyone who has had similar possible criminal based complaints to contact them at (508) 636-1122.

Any civil based issues can be handled by contacting the consumer protection division at the Attorney General's Office at (617) 727-8400.