Two years after the 2016 election, President Donald Trump continues to draw many tens of thousands of supporters to rallies everywhere he goes. These are not just people turning out to see a celebrity; they are enthusiastic core supporters. They wait in line for hours, sometimes overnight, to cheer and chant along with Trump.

I have never seen crowds this size consistently turning out for an elected official in my lifetime. The great Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama had incredible followings, but none of them had the connection that Trump has with his base. No one could turn them out as Trump can.

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Holds Rally In Mesa, Arizona
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The Trump phenomenon is not understood by traditional party politicians or the media. They continue to be dumbfounded by Trump's success and his popularity. They just don't get it.

But what does all of this mean for Tuesday's midterm elections?

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi predicts Democrats will win back the House. Vice President Mike Pence is convinced the House will remain in Republican hands. The polls and pundits are all over the map with their predictions. Both were way off the mark in 2016, so many have lost faith in the media and simply do not trust the press.

President Trump Holds Rally In Phoenix, Arizona
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While immigration, health care and defense are all important issues in this election cycle, it is, as always, the economy, stupid. And the economy is going like gangbusters. The Democrats have not made the case for throwing the bums out. I'm not sure that they will.

President Trump has more energy than the Energizer Bunny. He has campaigned non-stop for Republican candidates in key states for weeks. I think his coattails are long.

I get a sense that Republican candidates will do well in Tuesday's balloting, and could well hang on to both chambers of Congress. But we'll see.

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