Trucks like the one featured in the photo above are not unusual eight months after the election. I've seen trucks with "Trump 2024" flags waving proudly from them. Often they are accompanied by an American flag or one showing support for the police.

I saw many Trumped-out trucks and Trump merchandise stores during my recent cross-country trip. Most were in "red states" out west. But the Trump Store on the Grand Army Highway (Route 6) in Somerset that opened in 2020 is still open and doing a bang-up business. What is unusual is seeing all of this Trump support along the southern edge of bluer-than-blue Massachusetts. I love when the trucks drive by the studio window.

TSM Photo/Barry Richard
TSM Photo/Barry Richard

A new Monmouth University poll may provide some clues as to why this is. The survey suggests roughly one-third of Americans believe that Trump's loss at the polls was the result of widespread voter fraud. In other words, about a third of the nation believes Joe Biden won as a result of cheating.

That includes 63 percent of Republican voters and 13 percent of Democrats. Fourteen percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning voters told pollsters they won't ever accept Biden as the legitimate president. What do you think?

Monmouth reports the number of people who believe that fraud affected the outcome of the election has remained stable since November. It is no wonder why there is such a divide in the country still. It hasn't been like this since 2016 when Trump was elected. Hmmm.

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Ol' Honest Abe Lincoln said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." I think he might have been on to something there as the chasm continues to widen. I'm not sure where we go from here, but someone needs to ramp down the tension, and I mean quickly. The road ahead looks ominous.

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