What a time to be from Massachusetts!

Within a week, the British royal couple, Prince William and Princess Catherine of Wales, made a whirlwind visit to the Boston area, crossing paths with President Joe Biden, who was here to raise money for Georgia U.S. Senate candidate Raphael Warnock.

President Joe Biden
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I'm positive the commuters that were forced to sit in gridlock traffic on the Southeast Expressway as the various motorcades traveled hither and yon were less than excited by the whole thing.

If that wasn't enough excitement for you, we had a real-live "Charlie on the MTA" moment right here on the SouthCoast as outgoing Governor Charlie Baker rode the first MBTA train into the new Freetown station.

Somebody cue the Kingston Trio.

Baker speaking at the ribbon cutting

Choo Choo Charlie's arrival was in advance of SouthCoast commuter rail service to begin late next year.

With mere weeks left before he hands over the keys to the executive washroom, Baker wants to show progress on the project, launched more than 20 years ago and then kicked down the road by several previous administrations.

MBTA commuter rail train
Courtesy MBTA.com

Members of the SouthCoast legislative delegation were practically giddy when Baker disembarked the train car.

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Fall River State Representative Carole Fiola compared the event to the visit by William and Catherine.

"They said that the royal visit was probably the most exciting event to happen in Massachusetts this year, but for me and for us here, it is this day," she said.

State Representative Carole Fiola Facebook Page
State Representative Carole Fiola via Facebook

I suppose Fiola has a point since it has taken the delegation decades to deliver on the promise of a commuter rail line to the region.

Which do you think was the "most exciting event to happen in Massachusetts this year?" Was it William and Catherine storming Boston or Charlie chugging into Freetown?

I guess Biden's visit wasn't nominated.

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