Last week Middleboro ice cream lovers learned that the Peaceful Meadows on West Grove Street was permanently closed. After shutting down in December, the hope was that the beloved shop would eventually reopen -- and in a way it will.

Though Peaceful Meadows will no longer be scooping in Middleboro, Taunton favorite Tom and Jimmy's is coming to town to take over the location.

Jim Gracia, co-owner of the local ice cream parlor chain with locations in West Bridgewater and Taunton, spoke with Fun 107 moments after the deal was officially done.

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"I just left the closing," he said. "You're one of the first to know."

Here is everything we now know.

When Will Tom and Jimmy's Open in Middleboro?

The short answer is Thursday, Sept. 1, 2022.

Luckily the location was an ice cream shop, so everything is pretty much ready to roll.

Gracia said Tom and Jimmy's first meeting with the former owners was May 18, meaning the business has had months to plan the move.

Over the last few months, Gracia and his business partner Tom Hoye have been hiring new employees, ordering new ice cream cabinets and getting all their permits in place. So, they are basically ready to start scooping.

Gracia said some painting, rebranding and signage are all it should take to open for business on Sept. 1.

Will Tom and Jimmy's Stay Open All Year?

What many people loved about Peaceful Meadows was the fact that it served ice cream 12 months of the year. The newest Tom and Jimmy's Ice Cream location will do that, too.

Though the Tom and Jimmy's in Taunton and West Bridgewater close in October, Gracia said they "have enough kids between the three stores to keep (Middleboro) open all year-round."

He and Hoye have been in the ice cream business for 14 years now, but this will be the first time it has served its tasty treats through the winter.

Good news for Middleboro residents who had to go this past winter without.

What Will Tom and Jimmy's Serve?

Though Peaceful Meadows got its ice cream from the facility in Whitman, Tom and Jimmy's has its own menu and is bringing to Middleboro what it does best.

That means Middleboro will now have Gifford's Ice Cream as well as soft-serve and Del's Lemonade (two things Peaceful Meadows never had on the menu). There are also about 55 flavors to choose from along with five non-dairy flavors and, of course, the T&J Twisters.

Get ready, Middleboro. Ice cream is coming back to West Grove Street sooner than you may have thought.

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