I think the so-called mainstream media is hateful, divisive and is attempting to defeat the Trump Administration. I also believe that President Trump is using some pretty frank but necessary language in exposing the what media, and the left is up to. The public largely disagrees with me.

A new Zogby poll backs the findings of another recent poll, the authors of which I cannot recall right now, indicating that while most people blame the media for spreading hate and dividing America, they blame Trump as well.

According to The Daily Wire, 72 percent of respondents to the Zogby poll say they "strongly agree" or "somewhat agree" that the media is “dividing Americans” and spreading "hate and misunderstanding." Only 29 percent say they "somewhat disagree" or "strongly disagree." Two-thirds say Trump "has played a major role in dividing Americans," while only a third disagree.

Ninety-four percent of Republicans and 51 percent of Democrats are not happy with the media.

While we may not agree on who is most at fault, most of us agree that the situation needs addressing. When 72 percent of Americans say the media is dividing us, and another 66 percent believe the White House is, we are in need of some soul searching.

People are totally out of patience with the constant negativity and sniping that is tearing the country apart. Politicians and network executives need to deeply evaluate where all of this is taking us, or be prepared for what could be an ugly backlash from voters and viewers alike.

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