Cynical is my name. The politicians are to blame. How much arrogance must we endure before President Nero Trump fiddles his way down a burning Pennsylvania Avenue tweeting his loopy head off. Meanwhile, taxes, electric rates and part-time jobs keep going up.

Washington, New York, Hollywood and Boston are embroiled in serious sex scandals. Then we find out our Congressmen and women have a not-so-private hush fund. Millions of your hard earned tax dollars tucked away for that bagged but not really embarrassed Congressperson can quiet his would be accuser. Can you imagine? You do an over the top, criminal act on a co-worker, then use the taxpayer's money to shut the victim up. Not a bad idea if it wasn't so criminal. Our elected officials care not.

Boston and DC politicos have me more cynical than ever. John Conyers, Stanley Rosenberg, Al Franken. Do I need to name more. It's a matter of trust. I don't have any for these butt heads. The sad reality. The SOB's won't resign or give up powerful leadership positions, unless and until they're about to be kicked out. Worse, your next door neighbor is too chicken to vote the bum(s) out.

Editor’s Note:   Brian Thomas is the host of Brian’s Beat on 1420 WBSM New Bedford.  He can be heard weekdays from 10am-Noon and Saturdays from 6am-9am.  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

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