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I like Teachers
When it comes to government school teachers, do you feel you're getting your money's worth? Let's start with a little non-Common Core mathematics.
These salary figures come courtesy of the U.S. Labor Department, by way of MassLive.
The average New Bedford teachers salary is about $77,28…
I'm not a member.
In order for me to seriously consider joining such a prestigious organization, their goals need to align, like the stars, with my freedom and business oriented agenda. The NAACP doesn't need my voice shouting from the rooftop about another case of discrimination.
ready to take back the schools.
There are three solid reasons why the school committee should conduct this search. If the seven member panel follows these bold steps, they can proudly proclaim, we’re ready to take back the schools.
Students learn from the educator.
Making sure our teachers are proficient in more than one language sends a clear and proper signal that our state and country is turning from English immersion to multi-linguistic. There's no turning back.
swashbuckling John Oliveira
Election 2016, Donald Trump sounds the trumpet blaring "drain the swamp." Election 2017, a sawshbuckling John Oliveira crashes onto the scene like a bull in the school department china shop to resuscitate New Bedford government schools.
Franken was married
I know. We're all tired of these sex harassment/assault scandals. Well, the bomb shell that hit our nation's capital Thursday sent shock waves from Hollywood to NYC.
It started when KABC anchor Leeann Tweeden recounted a story from 2006...
Mr. Mrs. and Ms. taxpayer?
Mitchell, Gomes, Carney, Abreu, Coehlo, Ribeiro, Dunn, Morad, Dawicki, Oliveira,  etc. They all have something in common. Yes, they were winners in New Bedford's recent popularity contest aka city elections. Not one campaigned to be an advocate, a watch dog of your tax dollars...

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