It appears Massachusetts voters are about to commit economic suicide if a new Suffolk University poll is to be believed.

More than 66 percent of poll respondents favor increasing the state's already highest-in-the-nation minimum wage to $15 per hour. as well as the imposition of a four percent "millionaires tax" to fund transportation and education. Both are job killers, and will harm efforts to attract new business to Massachusetts.

By the way, there is no way to dedicate a new tax to transportation and education. All revenue derived through taxation and fees goes into the general fund to cover such pressing matters as climate change initiatives and legislative pay increases.

Still, 51.8 percent favor reducing the state sales tax while establishing a permanent sales tax-free weekend each August. And 56.4 percent believe the state is heading in the right direction, while only 22.6 percent believe it is on the wrong track.

The poll found 48.8 percent are opposed to repealing the transgender bathroom law, with 37.2 percent in favor of repeal and 12.8 percent undecided.

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U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren gets a 55 percent approval rating in the poll.

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Governor Charlie Baker enjoys a 59.6 percent favorability.

Attorney General Maura Healy is liked by 43 percent. Almost no one has heard of any of their opponents in this fall's election.

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Business says it is already reeling, and would be devastated by some of what is being proposed in Massachusetts.

I find it stunning that Massachusetts, where the Revolutionary War began over unreasonable taxation, is prepared to give government more tax-raising authority, while allowing it to tell business what to pay its workers and determine who gets to pee with you in the privacy of the bathroom.

Good old Massachusetts boys like John Adams and Ben Franklin would hurl.

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