Nonchalantly, Tim Weisberg mentioned he had a "Cape Cod Canal Tunnel" permit about to expire. The pause that followed lasted long enough for me to silently ask myself, what tunnel is he talking about? He said he'd bring in the permit, that very few people are aware of. Did you know about this permit?

After a burst of laughter, Tim had a good time knowing he successfully pulled one over on me. You see, the permit is real—as in a real Cape Cod decal souvenir—but the tunnel under the canal is feigned.

I bring this up because, as the cars and trucks slowly cross the Cape Cod Canal on the Bourne Bridge, there's an unconventional way to get to Hyannis with the CapeFlyer's new stop in Bourne. The CapeFlyer is a weekend passenger train that goes from South Station to Hyannis, with stops in Braintree, Brockton, Middleboro, Wareham, Buzzards Bay and now Bourne. And it is a huge hit with passengers.

Imagine, you no longer have to drive through that insane traffic going to and from the Cape. Just drive to Bourne, hop on the CapeFlyer and your next stop is Hyannis via the railroad bridge. Walk around and enjoy the day and then just take the CapeFlyer back to Bourne. Previously, you'd have to take the train, get off in Buzzards Bay, and then take a shuttle over the busy bridge.

The train runs from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. This new stop makes the trip so much more enjoyable, convenient and fast. Maybe not as accelerated as the Cape Cod Canal Tunnel, but I'll settle for this new stop in Bourne for now.

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