It might be the most iconic of the former Christmas Tree Shop locations in New England, but it is going to be home to something completely different very soon.

The empty Christmas Tree Shop building on Cranberry Highway certainly stands out with its windmill tower and stone exterior. It's hard to imagine anything but a Christmas Tree Shop calling it home, but a new tenant will take over in about a month.

Though Spirit Halloween ran a location out of the stand-out building this past fall, the new business moving in will be there for way more than a holiday season.

TULP Outdoor reportedly began moving in earlier this week and has signed an eight-month lease with property owner Greg Bilezikian.

What Is TULP Outdoor?

The new Cranberry Highway tenant is a perfect addition to Bourne. The outdoor furniture company offers a variety of teak wood, powder-coated aluminum, wicker and Sunbrella furniture to, as the website says,

create outdoor spaces that stand the test of time, combining innovation with timeless elegance.

This seems like a perfect fit for the shoreline community, where many people have summer spaces to design and decorate.

The company also has its U.S. headquarters in Carver, though currently, store locations seem to only be in Plymouth and Newton, Massachusetts, as well as Bradenton, Florida.

When Will TULP Outdoor Open in Bourne?

Work is already underway inside the new furniture store and according to one of TULP's owners, Gabriel Kroeze,

We plan to open March 1st and enjoy the summer season on Cape Cod. We really love the space and plan to leave the interior and exterior without any major modifications.

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