SAGAMORE (WBSM) — Arguably the most iconic Christmas Tree Shops location will soon have a spooky new tenant, albeit just for a few months.

Halloween retail giant Spirit Halloween is moving into the Sagamore Christmas Tree Shops store, famous for its thatched roof and windmill. The store sits at the base of the Sagamore Bridge on the Cape Cod side, having welcomed visitors to the Cape for decades and drawing in those who love a bargain.

According to the Spirit Halloween website, the store will take over the space in September. Spirit Halloween stores usually close up for the season not long after the holiday itself, which means the “Tree” will once again sit empty, unless a new tenant signs on before then.

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Many Christmas Tree Shops locations have permanently closed already, including the North Dartmouth store. The rest are expected to close by the end of August as liquidation sales continue.

The Dartmouth store would not be a candidate for Spirit Halloween, however; Spirit will be opening up in the former Office Max store in the Dartmouth Towne Center in August.

Christmas Tree Shops, or CTS, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in May and planned to get itself back on track by the end of the summer. However, the company defaulted to lenders that had loaned the capital to keep the company going during the proceedings in June, leading to an email from CTS’s corporate HR department to employees at its Middleboro distribution center announcing the impending liquidation and closures.

Spirit Halloween promotes itself as “the world’s No. 1 Halloween costume store” and operates over 1,400 locations nationwide each fall.

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