America's middle class is expanding as a result of President Donald Trump's economic policies. The U.S.Census Bureau reports a middle-class expansion unseen since the 1960s.

The Epoch Times says "nearly 30 percent of households pulled in between $50,000 and $99,999 in 2018. That’s up from less than 29 percent the year before—the fastest increase since 1968." Let the good times roll, baby.

The publication says "more than 1.2 million American households moved to above $50,000 in annual income between 2016 and 2018. While in 2016, some 58.5 percent of households enjoyed more than $50,000 in total money income, the share rose to more than 60 percent in 2018."

The good news doesn't end there. The Census Bureau reports median household income rose by nearly 2.3 percent—with all figures adjusted for inflation.

Despite the good news about the upward mobility of many who have been unable to break into the middle class, many in the middle continue to struggle to stay there. The Democrat candidates for president are proposing a host of new government programs, including health care and education for all, that would be paid for by increasing the tax burden on the middle class. That would clearly reverse the progress that has been made by so many American families. We cannot let that happen.

No matter how the left tries to deny it, the Trump economy has been good for America and American families, making it difficult to believe that voters will be anxious to make a change in 2020. Just remember, no matter how much you may dislike the guy, Trump's economic policies have made life better for a lot of people who still live by the motto "it's the economy, stupid."

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