The women who have been behind a very popular Fall River eatery, St. John's Restaurant, are ending their run at that spot on Christmas Eve after nine years of growing a large and loyal customer base – but as the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens, and the other door that opens will be to Twins Restaurant.

Twins Restaurant is scheduled to open around the second or third week of January 2022.

Cory Barbosa – whose mother, Rosa Barbosa and aunt, Connie Ferreira, operate the current restaurant at the St. John's Athletic Club – said the opportunity arose for the women to purchase their own building, and that's how Twins came to be. Those who have frequented St. John's Restaurant over the years will find some very familiar dishes.

"The menu will include all the specials people have come to appreciate and some new items, like grilled cod," Barbosa said. "Hardly anyone around offers grilled cod, so we think it will become one of our signature dishes."

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Why Is Fall River's Newest Restaurant Called "Twins?"

It's appropriately named Twins, because that's what they are. Rosa Barbosa and Connie Ferreira are twin sisters, and family is a big part of what they have planned.

"We're a family-run restaurant with casual dining," Cory Barbosa said. "What makes us stand out is our consistency in the kitchen, where my aunt maintains perfect timing with everything leaving the kitchen."

Consistency will be the key in the Twins kitchen.

"You'll never go in twice and get a steak cooked differently," said Barbosa, who recommends the house steak with sautéed garlic and red peppers or the seafood linguini.

Where Will Twins Restaurant Be Located in Fall River?

The new restaurant will be located at 374 Miller Street, just two blocks down from the present location at 1365 Rodman Street, so customers won't be inconvenienced by the move.

"We've put so much work into Twins. We remodeled a completely new dining room, new tables and chairs, and a brand new kitchen, top to bottom," said Barbosa.

How Do the Regulars Feel About the Move to From St. John's to Twins?

"We're telling all our customers about the move and they're excited to join us at the new location," Barbosa said.

The last cup of coffee served Christmas Eve will end a successful run for the twins at St. John's, as the SouthCoast awaits the opening of Twins Restaurant early in the new year.

What Will Become of the Current St. John's Restaurant?

The St. John's Athletic Club is bringing in a new operator to take over the restaurant space with a mid-January launch.

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