Since the legalization of pot in Massachusetts, an interesting trend has been noted: meals taxes in Northampton and Easthampton have increased about 10 percent in the first three months.

Follow me on this one. When you're stoned, you get the munchies, and naturally, rush to satisfy your cravings. What's more, the way they wrote up the law, cities and towns can add a local option meals tax of three-quarters of a percent on a restaurant bill, on top of the 6.25 percent state meals tax. So we're talking extra spending money here for towns.

Easthampton Mayor Nicole LaChapelle thinks it's because of the expansion of restaurants and the general positive buzz that's responsible for the increase in meals taxes. I only agree with the "buzz" part of her explanation. These two Pioneer Valley communities were among the first in the state to host recreational marijuana shops, and I'm not sure if anyone banked on increased meals tax revenues as a result, but I didn't.

Soon enough, we'll be able to deduce what specific genres of restaurants are doing better than before recreational pot, and that can answer what favorite foods are on the top of the munchies list. I'll take a gamble and guess pizza, loaded nachos and Chinese food are right up there. Oh wait, KFC and burgers, too. If you'd like, just leave your favorite fantasy munchies feast in the comments under this post on Facebook. In time, I'll compare the foods and the types of restaurants that are profiting from the cannabis industry.

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