A popular Westport pizzeria has gained an unexpected and feathered mascot in recent weeks.

Meet Napoleon, a wild turkey that has captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike, as he takes on the role of unofficial greeter at Nick's Pizza on State Road. Carrie Perkins, who works at the nearby U.S. Post Office, gave the creature the name.

This bird is "the word" and has become well-known in the community just for hanging out.

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For the past two to three weeks, Napoleon has been a consistent presence outside of Nick's, stationed near the entrance, where he warmly welcomes patrons with his majestic and -- to some -- intimidating presence. Napoleon's nightly appearances have turned him into a beloved figure, entertaining diners on their way in and out.

Napoleon's rise to fame began when Guy West posted a video in a Westport Facebook group, asking "Who lost their pet turkey? It's been around Nick's Pizza and the entire plaza for days."

Napoleon has a routine. As the sun sets, he struts his stuff, making his way to the pizzeria. He arrives from an unknown nesting spot to his handrail perch.

Staff and customers have embraced Napoleon's presence, with many patrons stopping by to snap pictures or videos of the majestic bird. Just like this one taken by Jonathan Costa:

Napoleon's origin is a mystery. Some speculate that he was drawn to the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked pizza, while some believe he might be seeking warmth from the restaurant's outdoor heating lamps during the chilly evenings. Nick's does have a turkey sub on its menu, so maybe it's a vendetta thing. Regardless of the reason, the community has enthusiastically embraced this unexpected friendship between a wild turkey and a Westport staple.

Like it or not, Napoleon has managed to bring a smile to the faces of those entering and leaving Nick's Pizza. As of now, there are no plans to intervene, as Napoleon seems to be thriving in his unofficial role as the ambassador of Nick's Pizza.

In a world often filled with stress and uncertainty, Napoleon the wild turkey has emerged as a symbol of joy and community spirit in Westport. His nightly greetings at Nick's Pizza serve as a reminder that sometimes, unexpected friendships can bring a sense of joy and unity to a community, making every trip to the local pizzeria an experience to remember.

So, if you find yourself in Westport, don't be surprised if you're greeted by the charismatic Napoleon.

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