Once again, the Berkley Police Department has released a masterpiece.

You may have remembered last year's PSA starring The Grinch, but this year the focus is on a hot topic this time of year: porch pirates.

It's time to keep an eye out for package thieves.

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This year's video stars Officer Mike Avilla and a bunch of his fellow police department staffers: Officers Engstrom, Raudonaitis, Crook, Gaspar, Freire and Meadows. The crew patrols a neighborhood when they catch some porch pirates driving a getaway boat after grabbing boxes from an innocent person's front steps.

"We don't really like to focus on just the bad things that are going on; sometimes we just want to show some of the good stuff," Avilla said. "If we can do that in a lighthearted way, and get everybody in their neighborhoods to keep an eye out, we’ll all be more successful in trying to stop anything from happening."

If you see something say something.

Berkley has been fortunate with little to no package thefts and Avilla said the department hopes to keep it that way.

"We like to be proactive with situations like this," Avilla said. "When something happens, whatever it be, when an incident takes place, the police officers have to investigate it. The victims of the crime have to deal with it and they’re just trying to provide for the holidays for their loved ones. Even the person who perpetrated the crime, they have a backstory, and there's a reason why they’re now in the position that they made this decision."

Berkley's officers are here not only to entertain but to educate.

"We just want to wish everyone happy and safe holidays and keep an eye out for your neighbors," Avilla said.

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