Just when I thought I'd seen it all, a flock of turkeys dancing in celebration popped up on my Facebook newsfeed.

I lived in Acushnet twice and in two different places. In all my time there, what stood out was the amount of wild turkeys that roam the town freely. I'm amazed I've never seen them involved in any tragic accidents on Main Street.

A flock of turkeys was spotted at a bus stop on the corner of Main Street and Rogerson Avenue Nov. 28. A good dozen of them were running around, living their best lives knowing they survived another Thanksgiving.

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Valerie Schroeder was waiting patiently for her kids to get off the bus with her youngest daughter Morgan when they witnessed the most bizarre animal behavior a good 50 feet in front of them. Two turkeys were circling a larger turkey. You can almost hear them gobbling "Ring Around the Rosie" when you watch the video.

I don't know much about turkeys or their behavioral patterns. I would guess this to be a mating ritual, though a non-scientific online search suggests turkeys have a habit of traveling in circles, including around other dead animals.

This is unusual to see to say the least, but I'm sure there's an explanation for the way these turkeys are behaving. Perhaps they're just playing?

If anyone has any insight as to why these turkeys would be running in circles, I'd love to know. Let's chat turkeys via Gazelle@Fun107.com and I'll be happy to update this article with a proper explanation.

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