When it rains, it pours. Remember that old saying?

Well, that rain just so happened to freeze over into a sketchy patch of black ice directly in front of my car door. Slipping on black ice is never a planned event, especially after a long day when one's brain is half asleep.

Just what I needed.

It happened Monday afternoon when I was leaving the house for the gym, all pumped up from watching the superhero action on Justice League. The night prior, I made sure I cleaned and salted the stairs and walkway.

Well, it looks like I missed a spot because I fell. Hard. That said, it was graceful. Kind of like a gazelle in a Spider-Man costume. I have the footage to prove it.

My left hand caught the ground and my knee stopped about a centimeter from slamming into the concrete. I stood right back up as if nothing had happened, fearful someone had seen, and casually got into my car.

Here's the lousy footage my Ring camera captured. The video freezes, but catches the fall at the right time for your entertainment:

Not to sound dramatic, but this could have been catastrophic.

At 6 feet, 4 inches tall, it's a long way down. I'm not exactly 18 years old anymore. My bones are strong, but susceptible to injury at 36. Let this be a lesson: Be cautious because wintry conditions are unpredictable, no matter how prepared you think you are.

Take life slower. There's no telling when black ice will find its way beneath your feet or tires.

Welcome to New England.

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