I'll admit it, I'm someone who rarely ever carries cash. If I start the day with more than $10 or $20 in cash, that is extremely unusual. These days, I pay for most of my transactions with my Apple Watch.

No, I'm not trying to be fancy when I'm making a payment at Market Basket, it is more about security. There's an added layer of security when you use your watch, as the store never "sees" your actual card number.

The only drawback to exclusively using Apple Pay or your debit/credit card is when you come across a business that doesn't accept them. If a business doesn't accept Apple Pay, that's usually no big deal. You can just whip out your card and move on. When they don't accept either, however, that can become inconvenient.

Why Some Businesses Choose to Be Cash Only

Don't get me wrong, I can understand the reasons why a business wouldn't accept cards. The biggest reason would most likely be that the business isn't enthusiastic about paying up to four or five percent of the transaction as a fee to the credit card company. It can get expensive. If you think your customer base wouldn't mind, the business can save a ton of money by being cash only.


A lot of the cash-only businesses will install an ATM onto the premises. It can serve as another modest form of income. Cash-only places will often guide their customers to the closest nearby machine.

Personal Checks

When I was a kid, I remember my mom writing checks at the grocery store, at retail stores, and even some restaurants – but that was back in the 1980s. Many of the cash-only businesses also, in reality, will also accept checks, but who's out there writing checks at a pizza place in 2021?

Why We Made This List

I thought it would be good for both the businesses and their customers to publish a list of SouthCoast cash-only locations. This way, customers know to stop at the ATM first to pick up some cash. I hope you and the businesses both find this information helpful.

25 Cash-Only SouthCoast Businesses

Here are 25 businesses on the SouthCoast that only accept cash (and sometimes checks), but no credit or debit cards.

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