Are you tired of feeling older than you actually are? People tell you all the time how good you look but you just don't feel that way. Would you like to feel as young as you look? Simple changes can be made to your daily life to help you feel younger and look great. They don't have to be dramatic changes but even the slightest change could make a world of difference.Here are some things you could do to feel younger:

Work Out

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Going to the gym is not for everybody but even a leisurely 20 minute walk could make a big difference. I just recently joined Crossfit and although it is an extreme form of exercise, I can say that it has helped me feel more energetic and more motivated. Yoga is another great activity you can do to help get your body in shape.

Eat Better

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A balanced diet combined with exercise is a very important part about feeling better and looking younger. A drastic diet is not the healthy way to go but adding more protein, fruits, and vegetables will make a big difference.

Get Sleep!

I am a BIG sleep person.  It is vital.  It is recommended that the average person gets eight hours every night. Granted, our lives are busy with family, work, and so many other obligations, but sleep is critical for feeling great.  You want to look rested and rejuvenated.

Part Your Hair Differently

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Take a risk and part your hair to the opposite side.  A dermatologist told me once that always parting your hair in the same direction exposes the same hair to sunlight and can gray your hair quicker.


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Especially this time of year, using moisturizer should be an integral part of your after-shower routine. It only takes a few minutes but it will leave your skin feeling smooth.  Yes, Bath and Body Works sells moisturizer for men.  Non-scented moisturizer is also an option...and tends to be less irritating to the skin.

Be Happy

Have you ever noticed that most happy people look younger?  Don't sweat the small stuff. Even if something is bothering you or you are having a bad day just put a smile on...people look better when they are smiling.  Plus...stress causes aging!  So don't worry, be happy.


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Sit back, relax, and treat yourself. At about $40 you can get your hands and feet ready for spring with a fresh manicure and pedicure.  Bad looking feet can definitely put a few years on you! If you are looking for something more drastic, Ageless Body Sculpting offers a number of procedures to help you feel younger. From Botox to lyposuction, Dr. Gagliardi is ready to make you look and feel young again.  I know Dr. Gagliardi personally and I've seen his work.  Ageless Body Sculpting can shave a decade from your appearance.