OPINION | Barry Richard: USA’s White Owns Flag Misstep
Shaun White made us proud and then made us gasp all within the span of a few minutes last night in Pyeongchang as he captured a gold medal and then proceeded to drag the American flag across the ground.
The 31-year-old White put up a near perfect score to win the gold for the men's snowboard hal…
Hugs Matter for Healthy Heart
Admit it: A hug can give you warmth and comfort.
But aside from making us feel loved and protected, this touching gesture can also add so much to our well being. When we hug someone, oxytocin - the cuddle hormone - promotes an emotional lift, lowers blood pressure, especially in pre-menopausal women …
Polar Plunges Cancelled Because Of Cold
The extreme cold that's wrapped itself around Southeastern Massachusetts has forced the cancellation of Polar Plunge events in Fairhaven and Fall River.
Organizers of the Fort Phoenix Polar Plunge in Fairhaven decided to postpone the New Year's Day event because of the extreme cold that&apo…

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