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OPINION|Barry Richard: Why Exactly Should Fox Fire Sean Hannity?
For purposes of full disclosure, I am not a huge Sean Hannity guy. I don't watch his Fox News Channel program with any regularity, nor do I tune into his syndicated radio show.
I'm just not a fan of his over the top style, though I do appreciate his commitment to the truth and his efforts t…
Kennedy Exposed
The film "Chappaquiddick" erases any doubt that Ted Kennedy was a snake.
Senate Leadership Coup
There has been a coup d’état on Beacon Hill that will usher in our third State Senate President in just eight months.
Ways and Means Committee Chair Karen Spilka (D-Ashland) announced in March that she had enough votes to secure the presidency...
Arm Citizens With Narcan?
The Trump Administration believes all Americans should carry NARCAN to help with the opioid crisis.