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Ken Pittman: Drugs Come In To USA With The Top Powers In
Ninety percent of the world's supply of opium is grown in Afghanistan. The United States is 90-percent of the consumer market for opiates. We have had a strong military presence in Afghanistan since early 2002. There isn't a square mile in that nation we couldn't enter with just a few…
Mayor Bullard Bullies New Bedford These Days
It must be surreal for Mitchell to know his neighbor and predecessor to his position is now his biggest adversary as he tries to stop economic catastrophe for hundreds of New Bedford families, thanks to Bullard.
OPINION | Ken Pittman: Hush Money No Consequence for Accused
If Congressman Leghumper or Senator Woody locks a door and forcibly rapes his hot, naive little aide on his desk, the taxpayers will pay her 100% of whatever damages are agreed upon and not one dime will come form the pocket of the dishonorable legislator.