5 Bad Work Habits That Can Get You Fired
Nobody's perfect, but even the best of us is occasionally going to come up short at the office. But there’s a difference between the occasional missed meeting and a career full of bad work habits that remain unbroken. And that difference could cost you your job.
Things Not To Say To Co-Workers
Some things are better left unsaid, especially if it's at your workplace.
For instance, protesting that something isn't your job is a good way to plummet in your co-workers esteem!
Asking someone if they're pregnant and will definitely offend a woman if she is not...
A New Study Says Many Work Emails are Useless
New research finds that most of the work emails you send and receive are unnecessary or inefficient.
To find this, researchers tracked the email habits of seven company executives, and determined that 80-percent of the messages they sent were wasteful...
5 Ways to Telecommute Successfully and Productively
Telecommuting comes with numerous tangible benefits (no more traffic jams, no more dress code, you can pet your dog whenever you want), but it can be a minefield when it comes to staying productive and keeping your manager happy with your job.
Which City is the Hardest Working U.S. City?
New data compiled by the realty website finds that Seattle is the hardest-working American city.
To find this, researchers say they used numerous different statistics, but the top source of data was the Bureau of Labor Statistics' tally of average hours worked per resident...
5 Things Bosses Do That Really Annoy Employees
We recently looked at some bad habits workers have that annoy their bosses, reduce productivity and prevent them from advancing up the career ladder. Now it's time to examine how bosses can spoil the workplace environment for their employees.

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