Some things are better left unsaid, especially if it's at your workplace.

For instance, protesting that something isn't your job is a good way to plummet in your co-workers esteem!

Asking someone if they're pregnant and will definitely offend a woman if she is not. So, if she's pregnant, wait until she tells you.

Going up to a fellow worker and saying "You owe $15 for the going away gift." Some workers are on very tight budgets.

Then there's the classic, "Don't ask me because I'm the last one to find out about anything around here!" This undermines your own credibility and authority.

Telling a co-worker that they are dressed up for a change. There can be no positive outcome from a remark like this.

And lastly, telling your fellow workers that you are hung over and that you spent the night partying away! Your workplace reputation doesn't need to go down that road.

Keep your thoughts and comments in check at work, and think before you say anything!