Chef Bob Dillon

WBSM Kitchen Bites Gazpacho Recipe
In honor of all the fresh local produce that is available and being the middle of summer, chef Dillon shares his gazpacho recipe with us along with a couple other summer soups.  Kitchen Bites is sponsored by the Sail Loft Restaurant in Padanaram, each week the chef shares some recipe ideas and …
WBSM Kitchen Bites Oysters With Watermelon Mignonette
Kitchen Bites brought to you by the Sail Loft restaurant in Padanaram, this week Chef Bob Dillon shares his Watermelon Mignonette to put on some fresh oysters.  More and more oysters are being harvested from local waters and each with their own distinctive flavor, this mignonette will enhance t…
Kitchen Bites Fried Green Tomatoes
Kitchen Bites this week with Chef Bob Dillon features another fresh item that you may have to do a little searching for but the looking will pay off when you make these fried green tomatoes.  Here is the chef's recipe for this delicious treat, he also shares a recipe for a Caprice Salad...
Kitchen Bites Sid Wainer
This week Chef Bob Dillon from the Sail Loft Restaurant talks about Sid Wainer & Son.  Sid Wainer & Son is a local supplier of food and produce to area restaurants, food that you wouldn't be able to find any place else.  The company has been around nearly 100 years and…
Best Burger Ideas For Memorial Day Weekend — Kitchen Bites
Memorial Day weekend is upon us, the weekend we put up our American flags, invite the family over and fire up the grill!  Chef Bob Dillon from the Sail Loft restaurant in Padanaram thought it would be a great time to share his favorite burger recipes in this weeks version of Kitchen Bites.
Kitchen Bites Ceviche Recipe
Here is another delicious recipe from Chef Bob Dillon from the Sail Loft restaurant in Padanaram.  The chef thought it was time to put some of our great local seafood to work and share this easy to follow recipe for ceviche.
8oz fresh local scallops
4oz fresh local codfish
4oz small shrimp
1 avoc…

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