Elizabeth Warren ought to keep talking about her appropriation of the Cherokee culture because every time she does, she reminds voters of just how dishonest she really is.

It seems just when the furor over Warren's fake Indian adventures begins to die down, she feels the need to bring it back up again. Not a good strategy for someone hoping to win the Democrat presidential nomination and eventually the White House. It's like reheating leftovers from the Pow Wow Chow cookbook.

Warren was addressing a forum on Native American issues in Iowa yesterday when she thought it was about time to remind folks about how for decades she lied about being an Indian. Even after being confronted with her deceit, she went on lying and lying and lying about it. When she finally had no choice but to come clean, she blamed her grandmother.

While her mea culpa to a house full of adoring supporters was far from a real apology, it puts her on the record for having at least acknowledging responsibility.

“Like anyone who has been honest with themselves, I know I have made mistakes. I am sorry for the harm I have caused," she said. If you were waiting for an "I'm sorry I lied and cheated others more deserving out of opportunities" from Warren, you'll never get that.

Warren only apologized because it allows her to avoid having to talk about it as the campaign drags on. She is no more sorry for that than she is sorry for lying to Massachusetts voters when just last year she said, "Let me be clear, I am not running for president in 2020."

Many conference attendees seem to eat Warren's apology right up. Like other minority groups in America, they have been under the spell of the Democrat machine for far too long and if yesterday is any indication, at least some who attended the Iowa summit are prepared to continue to drink the Kool-Aid, believing that somehow this time it will be different.

Good luck with that.

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