Elizabeth Warren's politically motivated remarks about the criminal justice system being racist "front to back" are both unfortunate and insulting to anyone who pins on a badge daily.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has opted to join ranks with those who choose to vilify the police. She has lashed out at border security and has gone so far as to suggest that ICE be abolished. Warren's support comes from those who advocate for the perceived rights of criminal illegal aliens at the expense and safety of law-abiding citizens. Therefore, she's got to talk the talk if she wants to eat lunch with the cool kids.

Meanwhile, Warren's record on crime, immigration, public safety and border security is appalling.

"The hard truth about our criminal justice system: it's racist...I mean front to back." - Sen. Elizabeth Warren

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Yarmouth Police Chief Frank Frederickson has issued a statement calling Warren's comments "disrespectful" and "divisive," and "more bothersome" in that they followed her recent praise for slain police officers Sgt. Sean Gannon and Sgt. Michael Chesna.

"Sen. Warren’s recent statement tarnished us all and diminished (sic) the sincerity (sic) of her condolence efforts. I now cannot trust her actions or words are real. I have a lot of respect (sic) for those who serve in elected positions even though we may disagree at times, however, statements like this are disrespectful and divisive. In spite of what Sen. Warren said, the Yarmouth Police Department will continue to serve ALL people with dignity and fairness."

- Police Chief  Frank Frederickson

WBZ-4 says Warren's office released a statement from the Senator over the weekend following a phone conversation between her and Chief Frederickson:

“I appreciate Chief Frederickson’s thoughtful comments. The men and women in law enforcement work in incredibly dangerous situations. We honor those in uniform who put their lives on the line every day and those who have been killed in the line of duty to keep the rest of us safe. I spoke about an entire system – not individuals – and will continue to work on reforms to make the criminal justice system fairer.” - Sen. Elizabeth Warren 

The President of the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, Dudley Police Chief Steven J. Wojnar, called Warren's remarks "false and damaging."

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Voters have had plenty of reasons to reject a Warren re-election bid in November. This should seal the deal. Her hurtful and divisive rhetoric about our law enforcement officers is repulsive and dangerous. Voters must never forget where Warren stands on criminal justice, and it's certainly not with the police.

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