Labor Day Weekend cookouts, summer cottage closings, travel, and end-of-season shopping expeditions generally drown out all of the politics and the other "real world" noise that is part of our everyday lives, so most may have missed the tele-rally former President Donald J. Trump had on behalf of Republican gubernatorial nominee Geoff Diehl on Monday night.

The rally wasn't much different from a stump rally Trump might hold anywhere else except it was a tele-rally, not live and in person and it was for a candidate in the bluest of blue states, Massachusetts.

Trump Hints At A Massachusetts Rally For Diehl 'Soon'
Diehl For Governor Facebook Page

Trump endorsed Diehl's candidacy last October.

Geoff Diehl is a Trump loyalist. Diehl chaired Trump's presidential campaign in Massachusetts in 2020 in which the candidate increased his support from the 2016 campaign. Trump also remembers that Diehl has been an ardent supporter and pitchman for the 45th president's "America First" agenda.

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Trump is not a big fan of outgoing Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, whom he considers a RINO (Republican In Name Only) and felt businessman Chris Doughty, Diehl's Republican primary opponent, was nothing more than a Baker clone who would "do nothing but surrender to the radical left-wing extremists."

Massachusetts residents will get tax relief after all.
State House News Service Photo

Diehl remembers all too well how Charlie Baker left him at the alter in 2018 when Diehl challenged Democrat U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren. Baker endorsed Diehl and then said he wasn't sure if he'd vote for him.

With the primary election behind him, Diehl is focused on Maura Healey, the Democrat nominee for governor in the November 8 general election. It will be an uphill battle as Healey has oodles and oodles of campaign cash in the bank and Diehl does not.

Trump Hints At A Massachusetts Rally For Diehl 'Soon'
Marcus Ferro/Townsquare

A stump rally with Donald Trump might turn the tide in Diehl's favor. In closing out his tele-rally with Diehl on Monday night, Trump hinted at just such an event when he mentioned seeing everyone "up here soon."

Stay tuned as it promises to be an interesting campaign season in Massachusetts.

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