UPDATE (1:19 p.m.): We have confirmed with Wareham Walmart that they once again have shopping bags to offer customers.

WAREHAM (WBSM) — If you’re headed to the Walmart Supercenter in Wareham to do some shopping, you’d better bring your own bags, at least for the time being.

Of course, reusable bags are the environmentally-responsible way to shop, but this request has nothing to do with saving the planet – the store just ran out of bags.

That’s right, there are no shopping bags at one of the biggest stores on the SouthCoast.

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After seeing some social media chatter the past few days about the store having no bags, we called and confirmed with the store that they are out. A store employee also said they have no idea when the next shipment of bags will come in.

The Wareham Walmart is one of the few in the area where you can still get the traditional single-use thin plastic bags that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts may soon be banning statewide; the Fairhaven and Dartmouth Walmarts have made the move to the thicker plastic bags.

The store does have reusable bags for sale if you don’t have any of your own to bring in with you.

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Earlier this year, the Wareham Walmart was forced to temporarily go cashless after their system went down and store employees didn’t have access to the cash room.

The Walmart chain is also in a makeover phase, with stores changing over price labels on the shelfs to digital versions to make it easier to update prices.

Some stores are also making changes to the self-checkout process, including some stores removing the option altogether and returning to store associates handling all checkout transactions.

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